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Sundance Vacations

Hi! We're Sundance Vacations, a leading provider of wholesale travel packages.

Who is Sundance Vacations?

We understand that consumers want to know the truth about Sundance Vacations’ reputation in the marketplace. The Sundance Vacations customer service team hears and reads your questions everyday.

Who is Sundance Vacations? What’s the deal with Sundance Vacations? Is Sundance Vacations running some kind of scam?

Here are some facts that will answer some of the most skeptical questions and help you evaluate Sundance Vacations’ reputation:

We are not a here today, gone tomorrow company. In fact, Sundance Vacations was founded in 1991 by John and Tina Dowd. That’s an 20 year business history. The Dowd’s original intention was to purchase resort real estate in the Pocono Mountains and operate a small rental agency. But after studying other vacation companies and concepts, they chose a loftier goal; to offer the most unique and flexible travel product on the market. Sundance Vacations utilizes a simple and proven concept; to buy vacations in bulk and pass the savings on to the traveler. This simple concept is the same concept that currently propels giants like Wal-mart or Cost-Co. Therefore, the small rental agency was easily transformed into a national travel conglomerate, today known as Sundance Vacations.

During the rapid expansion, Sundance Vacations invested in many properties to service the needs of the growing client base. In the early stages, properties were purchased one at a time. Within a few years, the company’s founders moved on to larger block acquisitions, culminating in the purchase of several wholly owned resorts. Currently the company and its partners own, lease, or otherwise have access to resort accommodations across the nation and throughout the Caribbean and Mexico.

Consumers can trust the integrity of Sundance Vacations. All employees are asked to sign an honesty and integrity statement. This statement outlines Sundance Vacation’s commitment to honest and truthful sales and marketing practices. However, an integrity statement is just words on a paper unless it is put into action. We’re not complaint free. We interact with more than a million consumers each year but consumers can be assured that we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction,” explains Sundance Vacations President John Dowd.

Skeptical customers leery of a scam may also wonder what kind of customer service they can expect from us. We’re very proud to explain that we’ve earned the respect of our workforce and according to our President, “Happy employees give the best customer service.” Sundance Vacations employs several hundred employees nationally. The company has been named one of the Best Large Companies to Work for in Pennsylvania for 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Another fact important to consumers is growth rate. The corporate headquarters were recently relocated and expanded in order to support the company’s average annual growth rate exceeding 26%. The new headquarters encompasses 18,000 sq. ft. on Highland Park Blvd in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Sundance Vacations has also been listed on the Inc 5000 Fastest growing companies list two years in a row - 2009 and 2010.

While the company’s size has changed, the Founders remain committed to the vacation needs of every client, which is to provide affordable vacations. The goal of Sundance Vacations is to turn vacations into a part of everyday lifestyle.

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